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Connecting Point Chapel is led by a council of elders who share the authority and responsibility for the leadership of the church. They are assisted by a team of deacons who serve the physical and practical needs of the church.

Scott Yoder

  • ​Preaching Elder

Andy Gangi
  • Elder 

  • Worship Leader

  • Community Groups Director

Mark Burcaw
  • Chairman of Elders’ Council

  • Director of Missions


​To be a biblical, Christ centered healthy community living in God’s grace with respect to one another. In this community it is our goal to love well through prayerfully being with God.


To draw individuals who are outside of a godly community with the purpose of turning them to Christ and calling believers to be united through their God designed roles into a healthy, growing, and God honoring community


1. Biblical: Spirit applied Scriptural truths guide everything we do.
2. Christ Centered: Our actions are Christlike towards all.
3. Healthy Community: God forming his image in us resulting in       healthy spirituality, emotions, and relationships.
4. Grace: God has offered us grace, and forgiveness and we will         do the same to others.
5. Respect: Whether we agree or not we will choose to respect           one another's spiritual journey.
6. Love Well: We will build one another up in love, always                     seeking unity and holding each other accountable when
     required, while rejecting self interest.
7. Prayer: A central part of all we do. Only through God's power         at work will anything of eternal value be accomplished.

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